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Futrinox healthy snacking popped water lily seeds
Futrinox healthy snacking popped water lily seeds

Greetings, I'm Kirati Amin, the brain and taste buds behind Futrinox. Originally an Electrical Engineer, I embraced my inner entrepreneur. My transition from India to the USA for my masters in 2015 opened doors to diversity and opportunities. Yet, I yearned for the flavors of my roots, especially foxnuts. This yearning birthed Futrinox, and my journey began to make my passion tangible.

When the pandemic altered the course of my journey and led to a change in my career path, I embraced my passion for snacking. From the comfort of my kitchen, I crafted a range of Futrinox's fox nuts in an array of delectable flavors. I generously shared them with friends and family, and the response was overwhelming. Encouraged by their enthusiasm, the idea of bringing these flavors to a wider audience began to take shape.

And thus, Futrinox was born. I embarked on a journey to transform my passion into a tangible reality. Starting from local farmers markets in Houston, I witnessed firsthand the joy and appreciation my fox nut creations brought to customers. Their delight in the taste, texture, and nutritional benefits of Futrinox snacks fueled my determination.

At Futrinox, quality and authenticity reign supreme. I'm proud to use natural ingredients and avoid any artificial additives or preservatives in my creations. Every bite of Futrinox's fox nuts is crafted with care and consideration, reflecting the essence of a wholesome and passionate journey.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure. Your support fuels the growth of Futrinox, bringing the flavors of my heritage to your homes and hearts. Join us in savoring the fusion of tradition and innovation with every crunchy bite.

Snack Smart Snack Futrinox :)

Our mission

At FutriNox, we are passionate about creating delicious and nutritious snacks. Our mission is to make healthy snacking accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Our vision

My vision is to introduce Futrinox to the US market and make them a popular snack choice. I want to share my love for this ancient superfood with everyone and make snacking fun and healthy. I hope you enjoy my futrinox as much as I do!

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